Are the free items really free?

YES! All you have to pay for our promotional items is the SHIPPING cost. The price of the item itself is 0.00 Euro. 

Why do you offer free products?

Offering free products is one of the best ways to promote our store and gain the trust of our customers. We are confident that you will be amazed by the quality of our products and recommend us to your family and friends! 
How many days does it take to receive the products?

After an order has been placed, it is promptly sent for processing within 24- 48 hours where we will ship your item(s) within 12-20 business days to the US, up to 15-39 days to other countries.

Please allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks for delivery. If you do not receive your order after 6 weeks, please contact us via anime-unicorn@hotmail.com

How much does the shipping cost?

We offer free shipping for all products but not for the free giveaway items.

For free products you have to pay a small amount of shipping and handling cost. We have no extra costs. The taxes are all included in the price of the product. So we made sure our customers can do shopping without worries.

     I only received a part of my order. Where is the rest?

    Your products come from different warehouses and to prevent you from waiting too much, we prefer to deliver your order as soon as one or more items are ready. You will receive your order in several packages.

    It has been 14 days and I didn`t receive my order.

    You don`t have to worry because this is normal. The delivery time is between 2 and 4 weeks. This is because we work directly with manufacturers from around the world, this is what allows us to offer the best prices. In any case, if you have not received your item within nine weeks (63 days) we will refund you and you keep the item if you receive it.

    How can I track my order?

    Tracking will be made available as soon as we get updated from the couriers.

    You can see your order at our Track order page (it can take 5-10 days until the tracking information is available) or you can contact us via anime-unicorn@hotmail.com and we will provide your tracking details. 

    Because of the carriers we can't provide tracking on some items but we guarantee that you will receive your items (as long as the address in your checkout is correct).


    Is the payment secure? Can I order safely?

    This website is 100% secure. Here's why:

    Our website is on a HTTPS server. All pages are secure and can`t be hacked or targeted by malware. Everything related to orders and payments are safe. Concerning this settlement we use PayPal, a safety reference, in internet transaction.

    You can trust us that our shop is 100% safe and secure.

    Why did I not receive a confirmation email after placing my order?

    There's a good chance that our email has ended up in your SPAM folder. Please check and if you are still are unable to locate our email then contact us anime-unicorn@hotmail.com.

    What Payment methods are available?

    We support Credit Card Payment & PayPal Payment. We have a safe and secure facility.


    What is the Refund Policy?

    We offer a 100% refund or a replacement item that is shipped to your door for free if there is a mistake on our part. This applies to:

    • Your item is lost in transit
    • Your item is damaged in transit
    • You receive the wrong item or item description based on your order

    Refunds & returns will not be processed after 30 days of the customer receiving the merchandise. So please contact us within the first 2 weeks of you receiving the items. Thanks for understanding.

    *Please take care to choose the correct item (color, style, pattern, model etc.) as we cannot refund you if you make an incorrect order. If you notice that you have ordered incorrectly, please let us know ASAP (within 24 hours) and we may be able to resolve the issue.

    Can I get a refund for the Free products (+shipping cost)?

    Refunds are NOT available on special “Free + Shipping” promotional items. Any "Free + Shipping" offers must be canceled within 24 hours of your order. Free items are non-refundable once shipped.

    Can I cancel my order?

    • Cancellations are only approved within 24 hours after placing your order
    • If your item has already been sent to the shipping department we cannot cancel the order.

    What should I do if I didn`t receive my order?

    If your items have not arrived within 63 days (9 weeks) of the date of original purchase, contact anime-unicorn@hotmail.com and we will issue a refund or resend your order.

    This policy excludes errors made by customers when providing shipping details on their order(s) and missed parcel deliveries.